Photographer Austen Diamond

Hi, I’m Austen Diamond. I’m a photographer by way of journalism, although I’ve been taking photos longer than I’ve been a professional writer. It’s an intricate relationship, and the two arts dovetail nicely—each inspires and informs my craft of creative storytelling.


  Photo // Niki Chan

Photo // Niki Chan


Between commercial, portrait and editorial photo assignments, I happily shoot for 13% SALT—a labor of love and a playground for my imagination. I love taking pictures of people, and in my personal body of work, I also try to capture images that focus on the intersection of humanity, nature and technology.

If your project or personal needs could benefit from photography that strives to be thoughtful and creative, feel free to contact Austen Diamond Photography. Try me. If I can’t help you, I’ll suggest a local who might be a better fit.

More importantly, enjoy 13% SALT. Thanks for celebrating my art and our community.