What is 13% SALT?

13% SALT is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based photography journal produced by photographer and writer Austen Diamond. The hope is to create an iconic digital archive of the people, subcultures, and communities that make Utah unique.

Web-based niche blogs and publications have flourished to keep people informed, connected, and excited about the world in which they live. Think of 13% SALT as the photo department of this new form of journalism. 

Named after the average salinity of the Great Salt Lake’s south arm, 13% SALT serves up quick-hit, eye-catching doses of things you might otherwise miss, as well as creative images of local celebrities and heroes. Each post features one or two photos, with an ever-so-slightly extended caption; nothing more than that. Thanks for plugging in.




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13% SALT doesn’t advertise, so your sharing is greatly appreciated. That's pretty much the only way others find out about this photo-journal.

If you're privy to something unique and engaging in Utah, contact us with your tips.